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Streamline inventory management with our the best software for real-time tracking and automated updates. Easily manage your inventory to maximise efficiency.

inventory management software

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Unlock advanced tools and seamless integration with our comprehensive inventory management solutions in ERPNext.

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Centralize operations with our seamlessly integrated platform.

Manage stock using inventory management software

ERPNext Inventory Management

Experience efficient stock control, real-time tracking, and automated workflows. Simplify your inventory processes with our robust ERPNext solutions.

Barcode Scanning

Facilitates quick and accurate inventory transactions using barcode scanning technology.

Stock Management

Tracks and records movements of stock items including transfers, returns, and adjustments.

ERPNext Warehouse Management

ERPNext’s Warehouse Management System offers unlimited warehouses, location tracking, and real-time reporting for efficient inventory management.

Unlimited Warehouses

Easily manage multiple warehouses and virtual spots like rooms and bins for clear inventory tracking.

Real time inventory

Generate detailed stock reports, giving you valuable insights into stock levels, balance, and decision-making.

warehouse management software
inventory control and tracking

Ways a Inventory Tracking Software can help your team !

Through usage of our modern solutions, you will be able to discover productive and empowering methods for managing your company with ease.

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Inventory Control

Inventory tools minimize costs by optimizing stock levels.

Cost Savings

Inventory tools save costs by optimizing stock levels.

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Revolutionary software suite transforms your entire business operations, enhancing productivity.

Track | Manage | Automate

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Transform your business with our powerful automation tool designed to track, manage, and automate tasks, boosting productivity and efficiency.

automated inventory tracking system

Business Automation Tools

Transform Your Business Operations with Our Revolutionary Business Automation Tool



Manage sales seamlessly with ERPNext's Sales Module.


Streamline procurement with ERPNext's Purchase Module.


Track and manage inventory efficiently with ERPNext's Stock Module.


Offers detailed, customizable reports for deep business insights.



Streamline production and optimize supply chains efficiently.


To track materials, manage project costs, and streamline logistics.


To track stock levels, optimize inventory turnover, and improve sales Efficiency.


To track products and manage orders efficiently.

Tools need


Efficiently track and manage work orders with streamlined workflows.

Task Managenment

Helps organize tasks, timelines, and resources efficiently.

HR Management

Employee management software, payroll, and HR tasks efficiently Forecasting.


Simplifies financial management and bookkeeping tasks.

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Discover our powerful inventory management software suite for streamlined operations.

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The Perfect Inventory Management Software!

Easily manage and optimise stock levels using straightforward features.

Effortless workflow automation: Increase productivity with fewer errors.

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Nxweb ERP

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Batch and Serial Tracking

ERPNext’s inventory module supports batch and serial number tracking for detailed traceability and quality assurance, crucial for managing defective or expired items.

Automated Inventory Replenishment

Set up automated replenishment rules tailored to your business needs to ensure optimal stock levels, minimizing manual intervention, reducing errors, and saving time.

Integrated IoT Devices

Seamlessly integrate IoT devices with ERPNext for continuous inventory condition and movement tracking, enhancing operational control and reducing manual checks.

More Features Like Inventory Management Software

Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing ERPNext software streamlines manufacturing operations with integrated planning, inventory, and resource management capabilities.

Project Management

Project management software optimizes operations, reduces costs, and boosts efficiency by tracking project tasks, deadlines, and resources.

Accounting Software

Accounting erp simplifies bookkeeping, invoicing, and reporting for businesses of all and improving accuracy, efficiency,financial transparency.

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